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Friday, November 6, 2020

Writing Legacy Letters to Connect with Faraway Family and Future Generations

As this highly unusual year draws to a close, people will reconnect with their family members for holiday gatherings, whether in person, over videoconference, or by telephone. In these gatherings, you would reflect on your experiences over the previous months, share memories, and express love and gratitude for your family members.

Unfortunately, due to precautions and social distancing, you may not be able to spend as much time with family this holiday season. Instead, a good way to pass on your reflections, love, wisdom, and values to the next generation is to write a legacy letter. Taking the time to write a personalized letter to your future generations will have a greater impact than you know. Through these letters, you will be able to communicate your memories, your values, and your personal sentiments to generations to come. You can write several individual letters to friends or members of the family, or you can write general letters to your family in the future.

If you are unsure about what to write in your legacy letter, the following suggestions can act as prompts for you to use when you’re writing:

  • Begin with the date that you are writing the letter and your age.
  • Reflect on your values and life lessons that you have learned. What have you valued most in your life?
  • What has your life experience taught you?
  • Share your special memories and cherished moments.
  • Reflect on your spiritual beliefs and journey. What has given you strength during difficult times? What do you believe?
  • Express any regrets, ask forgiveness, or forgive others.
  • Write about your future hopes and wishes. What do you want for your family in the future? Do you have any special requests for your family members?
  • Express your gratitude and love.
  • Share any last thoughts and blessings. Think about if you were saying “good-bye” today for the last time, what would you want your family to know?

Although 2020 has been a year full of unexpected trials, writing legacy letters can be a good way to reflect on your experiences and express gratitude for what you have. Legacy letters can also be lasting gifts to members of your family as they remember you after you have passed away. Sharing this love and gratitude now, while your family has you, will be such a special gift to them.

Julia “Jules” Pullin is an associate attorney at The Dean Law Firm, PLLC, a boutique law firm practicing in estate planning, probate, guardianships, elder law, and civil appeals. Julia Dean is the managing attorney at The Dean Law Firm, PLLC and has been recognized as a Top Attorney and Leading Advisor by Acquisition International, Forbes, Newsweek, H Texas, Houstonia, and the Sugar Land Sun, and has earned Martindale-Hubbell’s Client Distinction Award. The Dean Law Firm, PLLC, has been named “Reader’s Choice for Attorneys in Fort Bend County by Living Magazine for the year 2020, “Texas’ Most Outstanding Estate Planning Boutique” by Acquisition International for the year 2019 and is also named “Best Law Firm of the Year” by Lawyer International Legal 100 for the year 2019. The Dean Law Firm is committed to bringing you peace of mind by providing thoughtful estate planning for your family.

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